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First Year

Fall Semester

  • Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS622)
  • Methods of Mathematical Physics (PHYS604) or Classical Mechanics (PHYS601) or Structure and Bonding of Molecules and Materials (CHEM601)
  • Thermodynamics (CHEM684) or Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (ENCH610)

Spring Semester

  • Quantum Mechanics II (PHYS623)
  • Statistical Mechanics I (CHEM687) or Electrodynamics (PHYS606) or Satistical Physics (PHYS603)
  • Quantum Chemistry II (CHEM691)

Summer Semester

  • Study for Qualifying Examination
  • Advanced laboratory course (may also be taken in the second year)
  • Qualifying Examination (week before the start of Fall classes)

Second Year

  • Advanced laboratory course (if not taken during the summer of the first year)
  • Advanced course
  • Reading project or preliminary research qualifying for CHPH799 or CHPH898 credits
  • Preparation of Scholarly Paper
  • Oral Presentation

Third to Fifth Years

  • Admission to Candidacy
  • Ph.D. Research
  • Additional course work as recommended by thesis advisor
  • Preparation of written doctoral thesis
  • 12 credits of CHPH899
  • Thesis oral defense